At Spin City we have a wide range of aerial fitness classes suitable for all levels.

Each of our studios run independently with individual timetables; if you have any questions about class times or prices, please follow the contact links.

Spin City Bristol

The Bristol studio is where Spin City began! Offering pole fitness and aerial hoop classes, alongside dance, burlesque and a variety of fitness classes to compliment your training.

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Spin City Newbury

The Newbury studio offers an extensive range of classes in pole fitness, aerial hoop, aerial silks and flexibility, alongside regular workshops and charity events.

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Spin City Brimpton

The Brimpton studio offers pole fitness and conditioning classes and is run by a qualified and practicing Sports Therapist.


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Spin City Exeter

The Exeter studio specialises in pole and flexibility classes, with pole fitness, spinning pole and heels classes on the timetable.


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