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We all need a place where we feel like we belong. Community can be formed by any number of things, our interests, our location, our experiences… the list goes on. It means something different for everyone.

Sport in particular has constant challenges and successes but having a safe and supportive environment to experience them in, means the challenges can appear minor and the successes major.
Where would we be without our community enriching our experiences? Just look at our studio for example:

  • You struggle with a particular exercise but are reassured by another student they have a tough time with that exercise too.
  • You can’t understand why you can’t quite get your leg where it needs to be and then your instructor points out a vital teaching point and everything clicks into place.
  • You feel wobbly in a move and there’s a smiley spotter ready to catch you.
  • You nail the move and your cheerleaders are there, taking pictures and are ready to high five you when you get down.

Having that experience and adding to someone else’s experience is what truly makes us feel good, it’s what adds the extra sparkle. Each and every one of you makes our studio what it is. So next time you think you haven’t achieved anything in class, remember you’re a vital part of our community and we’re lucky to have you.

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