Grip & Wrist Strengthening

Posted by jo jojo Category: Training Tips

As aerialists / pole dancers, we use our wrists and forearms constantly so they’re very easy to injure and they’re often overlooked during our training. Strengthening our wrists and forearms can help to avoid having trouble with things like tendonitis and carpel tunnel syndrome but it’s also an important part of ensuring we have a long, healthy relationship with our discipline. 

Cross training from hoop to silks to pole can be a really great way of becoming more aware of your grip strength and what is in it’s comfort zone and what isn’t. If you think of the positioning of your hand, wrist and forearm in the grip used in each one of these disciplines, due to the varying size of equipment diameter, you’ll notice the different muscles you’re working.

By exploring a variety of exercises, you may notice improvement in your range of motion, your forearm/hand/wrist endurance, your wrist stability, you may notice better dexterity of the fingers or less aching after training. There’s lots of benefits of dedicating just 10 minutes a day to some new exercises.