Training on Bare Hoops

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Training on untaped, bare, or ‘naked’ hoops will be a new experience for our regular students, who are accustomed to the hoops being wrapped in fabric tape.

To allow for quick and easy cleaning we have four brand new hoops ready for our return to classes. Here, Amy shares some top tips from her experience of training on a bare hoop:

Bare hoops are different

It goes without saying – every move will feel different. The hoops are slippy, will feel skinnier, and you may have to engage more to feel comfortable.
Bare hoops will kick you off without warning, if you’re not paying attention.

What do I wear?

For the love of cake, NO SHINY LEGGINGS. I mean it. Like I really do. Cotton leggings are fine for normal hocks work, cradles etc, but if you want a safe top or side bar grip you need to consider getting skin out. Also remember that conditioning skin hurts.

I want to rolls and danger stuff!

Good for you. Let me give you the number of someone who has worked on bare hoops for years. They will teach you a private. For serious though, rolls on unconditioned bare skin are not the one. Rolls with leggings on can be terrifyingly uncontrolled, so listen to your instructor and take it slow. (For info: My preference is skin out for rolls ?).

What about grip aids?

No rosin or chalk. They are not your friends and will destroy the powder coat. Dry hands or pole grip does the trick for me, but see what works for you. Usual banned pole grips (such as Stickum) are banned for hoop also.